The Short

Rosemary Davies is a former biology student turned onto the joys of code. Instead of the microscope, she is looking at her computer screen trying to find the missing parentheses.

The Long

I was born in Lexington, Kentucky as the daughter of a New Zealand dairy farmer and a second generation Chinese American. Soon after, a tornado struck and shook up my family’s life. I moved to California with my mother and sister to live with my grandparents on their chestnut orchard. There, I was surrounded by the vast expanse of countryside. I continued to grow, with many books and many interesting conversations around the dinner table.

Many years later, I went to Chatham College for Women in Pittsburgh, PA intending to study biology. However, in 2014, my college went into transition and reform. And so, I took some time off to find another journey.

One continues to learn.

I'm studying at The Evergreen State College for computer science!

Currently working on: Making a 1-bit adder out of popsicle sticks

Learning the language: C++

Using the text editor: Vim

Wasting time with playing: Kentucky Route Zero

Listening to: Grace Chang

If you'll pardon the pun: Git thee to a repository!